Photography By Moonhouse Productions

Photography By Moonhouse Productions

The Story

Whether it's the story of a family, a new beginning, a love story, a cause, birthday or holiday... the most important thing about your event is getting to share that journey, that story, with your guests. At 6ixStory Events I want who you are and the purpose of your event to shine through. From the food and decor to photography and entertainment, they are all pieces that build upon the event story you are hoping to share. 6ixStory Events is here to assist you with the conceptualizing and preparation that goes into the planning of your event as well as bringing everything together to engage your guests and execute an amazing event. I want to not only help you celebrate your story, but will bring together the perfect team to create it. A team of 6ix that becomes a part of your story, and you a part of ours.

#1 Venue

#2 Food

#3 Entertainment

#4 Decor

#5 Photo & Video

  1. Last but not least #6ix…ME, Your Event Planner

Photography By Moonhouse Productions

Photography By Moonhouse Productions

Alexis Wells-Loneman

owner & event planner

My name is Alexis Wells-Loneman. Thank you for checking out 6ixStory Events!

What can I tell you about my story? Well, I am a dog mom to two rowdy and playful pups and a wife to a pretty awesome husband. I’m a Chicago native but spent my college years at “the other ISU” Iowa State University. After some time spent abroad and living in New York, I returned home to Sweet Home Chicago to discover my true passion. After the past 4 years in the event industry, (with a majority of my focus on decor) I discovered that what I really loved about events was seeing how everything comes together, every little detail to create this amazing celebration.

Whether it be brand launch celebrating a company’s hard work and innovation, a family bringing friends and family together to celebrate a milestone, or a couple celebrating their love and the love of those around them, the true meaning, the true intimate story is what led me to create 6ixStory Events. To celebrate those very special moments in our lives. Bringing everything together to create a client’s vision, that’s the story that I want to tell, and is what 6ixStory Events is all about.